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Cinema Musique is a collection of melodic instrumental songs ideal for movie soundtracks as well as pleasurable everyday listening. The music evokes certain moods, scenes, and emotions: Chansons d'Amour, Au Coeur du Monde, Les Mystères, Les Tragédies, Les Comédies, Les Couleurs, Au Revoirs, Résolutions, and Fins Joyeuses.

1. Cirque de la Nuit 4:21
2. Rondeau à Bernard 3:38
3. When My Mother Cries 4:38
4. Peace, Be Still 3:16
5. Everybody's Everybody 4:06
6. L' Orange 4:42
7. Bonbon Rouge 3:34

8. Would You Fly? 4:58
9. To Plant My Heart’s Wish 3:23
10. Pour Yvon 3:14
11. Chacun de Nous 6:11

12. My Love Will Never Fail 5:25
13. Tout Finit Bien 3:46
14. I Just Dropped In 2:43
TIME: 58:00

Merrill Collins & Nicole Garcia: Cinema Musique

An evolving music show for film and theater, featuring...

Nicole Garcia

Nicole Garcia studied at the Idyllwild Arts Academy and spent a year at the Boston Conservatory, before earning her BA at UCLA, all on full scholarship. These days she is a world-class violinist, specializing in live performances, recording sessions, and A-list events. She has played alongside greats such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock, and considers herself fortunate to count Michael Kamen and Quincy Jones as mentors.

Nicole has been on the road for the last few years, touring with Kanye West as his violinist and musical director. In this prestigious role, she was able to travel around the world, performing in Madison Square Garden, Wembly Stadium, and Sydney Opera House. As well as playing live shows, Nicole records film scores, records, commercials and video games.

Merrill Collins

With a classical training and a master's degree on full scholarship from the S.F. Conservatory, Merrill Collins is known for making heart-centered music that moves people. As founder and CEO of Spiraling Music Publishing Co., Merrill writes and produces original music for many venues and has begun adding film scores to her resume. Merrill has worked all her life as a creative musician, serving 17 years at U.C. Berkeley as Senior Musician in the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies. She worked five years as staff accompanist at American Conservatory Theatre summer intensive and has written as well as directed many musicals. Recent film credits include placements in “Recalling a Buddha” by Greg Eller. Merrill currently lives in LA with her multi-talented husband, Yvon Chausseblanche. She performs live in the LA area and elsewhere, as needed for her productions.

Performances of Merrill's original music include the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations (1995), KRON SF Airlift to Africa (1986), KRON In Concert Against Aids (1989), UNCHR Human Rights Day, UN World Habitat Day, UN International Women’s Day, plus concerts for Amnesty International, United Way, Pathways to Peace, and many other global organizations.

“Cinema Musique” offers listeners a connection to Merrill’s personal and emotionally romantic world, which is constantly spiraling. The sensitive playing of Nicole Garcia on strings makes a richly passionate musical collaboration.

"An artist who is responsive to her world." — Today's Artists

"Absolutely breathtaking. The caliber of musicianship and overall performances are stellar."
— Taxi Reviewer

Check out Merrill's pages on, Taxi, and IMDB. Contact Merrill and as the publisher of all Spiraling Music titles to negotiate synchronization licenses. For movie, film, TV & video game licensing for commercial use, contact ASCAP or Harry Fox licensing.


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Photo credits: Yvon Chausseblanche (Merrill)
Concept: Nicole Garcia
Graphic Design: Julie Morris; Cowgirl Creative