Minute of Silence

Merrill Collins: Minute of Silence

Includes Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for promoting awarenessof an participation in the ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE (PEACE DAY), September 21.

Listen to Joan Kenley's Special Internet Radio Program on the International Day of Peace.

Check out Ringo Starr on PeaceDay.tv, promoting the moment of silence on Peace Day



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Free Downloads for Teaching Peace

Teach children and others how to observe the Minute of Silence using our free Curriculum, including LYRICS, TRANSLATIONS, and SCORES.

  • for teaching ages 3-6
  • Lesson time: 20-30 minutes depending on age
  • Suggested # of lessons: 6,
  • leading up to September 21, 12 noon.

Spanish Version     French Version


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