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This workbook presents a unique melding of music, interactive projects, and learning about musical instruments from around the world, all centered on texts from Towards a Global Ethic: An Initial Declaration. The book includes instructions for eight musical experiences, adaptable for participants from children to seniors. Each project is designed around one principle that is common to every world religion.

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The music is largely chant and percussion, and there are informative descriptions of instruments, text and reflections on the Declaration, and teaching guides. Instructors may play music or order the instrumental soundtrack from CD Baby or iTunes.

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Songs, Chants, Dances,
and Multimedia Projects

for all ages

based on Toward a Global Ethic: an Initial Declaration.

by Merrill Collins

"We Are Interdependent" from We Declare!

Excerpt: Golden Rules Ceremony

This beautiful ritual celebrates the golden rule, as spoken in many languages, and quoted from the texts of many different world religions. Excerpted from We Decare!, it creates a feeling of peace and understanding in a community.

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We are Interdependent
Merrill Collins - We Declare!

Golden Rules Ceremony
Merrill Collins - We Declare!

Projects included are:

  • We Are Interdependent (translation and multimedia project)
  • Golden Rule Ceremony (chant and movement in a public place)
  • Forsaking Violence (community reading with music on non-violence)
  • Humankind is Our Family (multimedia project featuring multicultural faces)
  • Opening Our Hearts (simple choreography for young children and seniors based on the four directions and the seven continents)
  • Cause and Effect (a spoken-word drum circle that creates space for rap and personal expression).

Also included are:

  • We Are Interdependent - ethno-trance dance (for dance parties and music video projects), and
  • Public Service Announcements on each of the principles (readings of the Global Ethic over music for radio broadcast).





Featured artists and collaborators include Merrill Collins, Pope Flyne, Charles Moselle, Chris Ray Collins, Lizzy Cole, Dan Ross, Daryl Keyes, and Mary Sano. We Declare! also features gorgeous photographs if instruments by Yvon Chausseblanche.


This work has been endorsed by Hans Küng, the Global Ethic Foundation, and the Council for a Parliament of World Religions.

Towards a Global Ethic
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Throughout the book, the "Sounds of the World" sections feature dozens of different world instruments, including Bansuri Flutes, Bell Tree, Brass Bells, Castanets, Cha-Chas, Chinese Bells, Chinese Hand Drum, Cowbells, Dijiri-Doo, Din-Dins, Djembe, Dumbec, Egg Shaker, Elephant Bells, Fish, Frog, Gankoqui, Ghungaroo, Goat hooves, Gong, Gourds, iPod, Ju-ju seeds, Kuling-Tang, Lattice Drum, Maracas, Microphones, Ocarina, Palm Leaf Rattle, Pancake Drums, Peace Flute, Rain Sticks, Rasp, Ratatak, Rattles, Shakere, Shakers, Singing Bowl, Sistrum, Talking Drum, Tingsha, and Woodblock.


Buyers are granted all rights to perform included music for non-commercial use.

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