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At Spiraling Music,
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"Christmas Merrills."

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Christmas Presence

Christmas PresenceEnjoy the Christmas classic of the soothing and beautiful Christmas Presence album ($10 for the album, or 99¢ per song).

Joyous Holidays!


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LISTEN! Andrew Bennett sings "Soyez Gentile"

A favorite French Christmas song, "Be Gentle" has had many standing ovations in venues including the Rose Palace in Vienna. In this version, an English translation by Merrill begins at 2:50

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Album with Joseph Hebert


Today is the day!

Watch or just listen to this energetic live performance of "Hodie (Today! He is Born)," composed by Merrill Collins!


Hodie is Latin for "today." This joyful Christmas song is one of Merrill's top 10 favorite Christmas songs. Combined choir (children and adults, musicians) conducted by Joseph Hebert in the spirit of a carol. Buy the sheet music to sing with your ownchoir - only $5.99




He's the Light,
e's the Truth,
He's the Way, and
He's born today.


Lyrics & Music by Merrill Collins





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