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Hannibal Means is a big-stage tenor who delights and mystifies audiences with his ebullient energy and astonishing talents (See his clip on America’s Got Talent), and encourages his workshop students to overcome blocks to vocal expression and to unleash deeper feelings and passion.

photo: Lexie Cole

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The biblical quote,"My father's house has many mansions," was the seed of Songs Well Done, which we have performed together at many events and occasions. The most poignant was at the funeral of a dear friend of ours, Gary Powell, by his special request. This recording is the ORIGINAL VERSION of the song and we wanted to share it in his memory.


Songs Well Done

featuring tenor Hannibal Means

Hannibal and I met at the SF Conservatory of Music where we were both students in 1976-77. We performed Christmas music including selections from Handel's Messiah in the music therapy department of Children's Hospital of Oakland. Our performance history includes a Christmas Day performance on Austrian national television as well as many other wonderful venues. I was always happy to have a strong voice with a wide range who could sing operatic literature and gospel songs and even merge these genres.


"Underneath the madness, you are a brilliant singer, Hannibal!" —Piers Morgan

"Your voice is so rich. You have an amazingly beautiful sounding voice. And I'm quite upset that you did not crochet me a hat." —Sharon Osbourne.

"You are a superbly talented man. What planet are you from?" —Howie Mandel

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