besteller!Christmas Presence is a collection of piano and bell improvisations on Christmas carols, chants, and classics by Merrill Collins. Soothing, perfect for listening while driving in traffic, entertaining friends or enjoying a holiday dinner.

"A level of depth and creativity rarely heard." — Taxi


besteller!"Preternaturally delicious" grand piano & violincello contemplations on the changing sky with Merrill Collins and Michael Fitzpatrick.

"The sound of the spheres calling us to realize our highest heart!" —Jeff Vander Clute, Global Compassion Council

besteller!"A Dozen Musical Roses" featuring Merrill Collins on Steinway piano, harp/synth, with bansuri, shakahatchi, silver flutes, and cello.

""What would roses sound like if they could sing? Travels through the senses effortlessly and creates joyful feelings." —CD Baby

besteller! Create an ambience of sacredness with Cello and Piano improvisations on ancient chants, traditional hymns, and spirituals by Merrill Collins and Joseph Hebert. Meditative music for contemplative prayer or general healing, soothing, or reflective time-out. A bestseller in Grace Cathedral, San Francisco.

"...Lifts us over the cares of life into a haven of peace." —CD Baby reviewer

cinema musique

Evocative movie music! Grand piano and Violin music by Merrill Collins and Nicole Garcia to suit the mood of any scene... from first love to unsolvable mystery, universal love to global tragedy, flirty fun to sad farewells... and happy endings of course!

"...Offers a connection to Merrill’s personal and emotionally romantic world. The sensitive playing of Nicole Garcia on strings makes a richly passionate musical collaboration..."

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